Where can I find pricing?

Prices vary depending on the square footage (or size), price of the metal and other factors. Please contact us for an estimate.

Can you ship your sculptures or must they be picked up?

Shipping is available anywhere, however the price of shipping and packaging is added to the cost and varies depending on the weight. Note, that most of our sculpture work is solid metal and can be quite heavy.

Is the work featured on this website everything you have ever made?

The items on this website are only relatively recent projects, many of Edna's older work was not properly photographed and are currently in private collections.

One of your sculptures would look lovely in my garden. Can you make a large version of it?

Absolutely. Our sculptures were designed with scalability in mind.

For your commercial projects, do you offer installation?

Yes we can take care of installation. Our panels are designed with easy and safe installation in mind so that your own workers, if present, can do it too.

Our company manages a number of condominium buildings and we may be interested in some your work for our building. Can you visit us on site and tell us what you can do for us, based on what we have?

Absolutely. We employ an interior designer on staff who is available for consultations for exactly these types of projects. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.