Custom Trophies

Edna has designed custom trophies and commemorative awards for many organizations and corporations. Her work incorporates the spirit of the group's mission and can reflect the theme of any occasion. Edna's trophies have been commisionned to celebrate achievement, recognize hard work & dedication, and commemorate contributions.

Mazon Canada: 25th Anniversary Award

Edna was hired by Mazon Canada, a large hunger relief organization, to design and produce a unique set of awards for a special dinner commemorating their 25th Anniversary. The awards were given to outstanding members of the community in recognition for their service and contributions to the organization.

  • Made from glass and bronze
  • Personalized matching plaques

Japanese Business Association: Boston, Massachusetts

Edna K. Silver was commissioned to design a unique trophy, incorporating the logo of the Japanese Business Association of Boston, Massachusetts. 30 copies were made.

  • Made from glass and bronze
  • Highly unique piece
  • Similar design with plaque embedded inside the glass

Mel Hoppenheim Trophy: Montreal

These one-of-kind trophies were commissioned by film-industry mogul Mel Hoppenheim and are sculptures of the great movie man himself. Thirty were made.

  • Made from solid bronze
  • Figurines, personal sculptures, and designs of all sorts are available.
  • Contact us to discuss a similar idea you have.

Anything is possible. We offer trophies of any size and of many materials over a wide range of design types. We'd love to discuss your project ideas and make it truly award-winning.

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